The Micropoint Technique was created by combining two techniques: manual and mechanical. Our 1-day Perfection training Micropoint is very attractive for students who are already involved in microblading, but also for students who intend to enter the world of permanent makeup using the machine. Micropoint allows you to view the full eyebrow and create the comlete shape. The biggest advantage of the Micropoint Technique is its ability to fill in the hair strokes with pigments very easily and precisely without the fear of losing the microblading look. It can be applied to all skin types but is specially effected on oily skin. It is already well known that with this type of skin has always been slightly difficult to perform treatments on and to keep longlasting effects.

Video micropoint
Video micropoint
Certify yourself as a microblading specialist
6 months support & training
Starter kit all you need to perform
Return of investment triple your income

There are many advantages of the Micropoint Tehnique such as:
Gives the brows a full look
We can create and emphasize the spine, shape, tail, combo-brows.
We can use different colores in one eyebrow
We can build 3D effects
We can cover old permanent (red, lighten, old microblading)
We can easy correct the old shape, make the eyebrow thicker and add details into the eyebrows’s Head and Tail
Easy hair stroke filling with the Micropoint Technique – after creating manual hair strokes, we fill them in mechanical with pigments and can do this very precisely, without the risk of losing the beautiful natural look of the Phibrows technique. In that way, we will not penetrate the skin too deeply, we will avoid double strokes and we will have a long-lasting effect, even on oily skin.

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