Phinjection is a multi-shot system for needle-free hyaluron injection it is suitable for use by professionals and for use only with hyaluronic acid. The acid is injected under high pressure evenly into the upper surface layers of the skin
This pen has been developed from needle-free inslulin and vaccination injection pens used on individuals with a fear of needles
The pen enables full-surface distribution of approx. 4mm, at a depth of only 1mm.

Video phinjection
Video phinjection
Certify yourself as a microblading specialist
6 months support & training
Starter kit all you need to perform
Return of investment triple your income

With Phinjection it is possible to achieve lip volume, reduces fine lines and wrinkles surrounding the lips, it reduces nasolabial lines and wrinkels, as long as it reduces mimic lines and wrinkles, skin rejuvenation and it can improve contour.

There are several possible treatment zones such as : lips, nasolabial fold, marionette lines, chin, back of the hands, neckline, cheeks (professionals only) and the cheekbone. 

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